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Updates from Tifani,  

July 2019

(see her story below) 

I know what the Ketogenic Diet has done for my brain. I have Multiple Sclerosis. I went from hardly any memory to getting straight A's last semester. I am now on Dean's list and getting ready to graduate next week. I went from 8 medications to 1.

My quality of life is AMAZING

I owe it all to you,

Dr. Douglas Payne.

October 2018

My visit to my neurologist went very well.  When I first got MS I tested positive for the JC virus. Today after my latest bloodwork, POOF, its gone. Also none of my lesions are large and he could not even find the one on my spine. So, no medication for me!  Thank you KETO!  I am healing myself. 

It is truly amazing to me that my lesions are shrinking and that the JC virus has disappeared.  All of you that question the Ketogenic diet, SHOULD NOT. My body is healing itself. This is truly amazing. This has all been in under a year.  I am amazed and so very grateful that I have been given this opportunity. 

I do have more to go but one day I will be completely cured. Amazing considering my first doctor told me there was nothing I could do but take the medication and make sure my JC virus did not turn into PML. I cannot even believe this. Thank you Mary M and Dr. Douglas Payne. You not only have saved my life, but given me a wonderful quality of life once again. 

This is truly amazing!


Benson, AZ

Dr. Payne and Roma,

As you knew, Dr. Payne, I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. I had difficulty getting out of a chair because my legs were so weak. Such severe trembling that I could not button my shirt. I also had a very short festinating walking gait… but all that has changed thanks to the KETO Diet and your help de-toxing me from lead poisoning. My blood test for lead decreased from 17.9 to 6.0 in less than two weeks! My leg strength is normal and am now walking with a long stride 2 miles per day. The trembling has improved by 80%. 

I am forever grateful.


Carefree, AZ


Dear Dr. Payne, 

I wanted to share my experience with you. 

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2007. I suffered from migraine seizures so extreme I had to stop working.

My symptoms were so extensive

I was placed on:

  • 1. 24 different migraine treatments
  • 2. Started on steroids that caused my weight to balloon
  • 3. Given 80mg Morphine daily
  • 4. Received daily MS Interferon injections

I am an Army Veteran and had always had a very high positive energy as a busy woman. This condition devastated me as my life entered a very dark phase. I was unable to drive and was often in a wheelchair.

My medicines were increased to include Zolpidem, Tizanidine, Valium, Promethazine, Vicodin and Ropinirole.

I also underwent very costly Stem Cell Therapy. For the next ten years, the result of all this was my condition worsened, it was not getting better.

I was bound and determined not to give up. So, in 2016 I started to think seriously about my diet. I read extensively about the

KETO Diet and started making changes in my eating habits.

In February 2016 I weighed 192 pounds and by May I was down to 168. Now, 2017, I am down to 147 pounds.

My symptoms began disappearing, all MS symptoms are gone. I can exercise again without numb legs. I can walk and run. I am working again. The migraine seizures are gone. I no longer use ANY medications! I have improved overall by 90%+.

I am so grateful I found the diet and followed through I tell everyone who will listen. The KETO Diet is blindingly simple if one will just buckle down and LEARN!


Tucson, AZ


Hi Doug and Roma, 

I remember you coming to my office 3+ years ago and spending a few hours with me explaining the benefits of KETO. Thanks to your giving heart and kindness, your follow-up calls checking on me, and updating me throughout these last few years, I've lost about 35 Lbs and I'm down to a size 4 from a size 8-10. I sleep through the night with no more insomnia, my skin looks naturally fabulous, my mental clarity is amazing, and on and on...I'm so blessed to know you and Roma and just love how passionate you both are. 

KETO is so popular now, but you were so ahead of the crowd.  I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Love, Connie

Temecula, CA

Since I started with Dr Douglas Payne and his KETO Center,

my back pain is curing itself. 

Two things happened. 

1. The KETO Diet is anti-inflammatory.

2. Dr. Payne taught me why my back was hurting and if it hurts, 

with my girlfriend's help,

I can ELIMINATE the pain in

5 minutes!

Dr. Payne surmised that my back pain wasn't a structural problem but a chronic inflammation of the tissues surrounding my spine caused primarily from a poor diet high in carbs.

5 minutes of deep tissue rubbing of both sides of my spine from my sacrum to mid thoracic in that direction and my pain is gone. Not better, GONE!

This is working 100% of the time. Every time without fail. I haven't taken any medication for my back since

I visited Dr. Payne.

Dr. Payne, you sir are a good person with great honor.

I'm not exaggerating here. Ketogenics is saving my life and opening doors of physical activity that were literally closing for good.



We are doing fabulous! We are thin now! Check out our photo! Energy is great and no more carb cravings. Many of our friends and family have started the KETO Diet and are doing great as well. Thanks for sharing the KETO Lifestyle with us!


Tucson, AZ

Thank you SO much for all your help. 

I think it would be a great idea to set up some seminars with my patients in the future.


Tucson, Arizona


Dear Doug,

I want to thank you for discussing with me the dangers that come with eating grains. My son “G” had very bad acne that progressed to multiple cysts in his neck region. Our doctor was concerned about malignancy and wanted to do biopsies. You can imagine how scared we were. He stopped eating all grains and within a couple of weeks the acne was completely cleared and the cysts were gone! The doctor said no biopsies were needed. At school, all his friends wanted to know what new medicine he was taking to get rid of the acne. He got a big kick out of telling them about pizza crust and buns made from almond flour! 

“G’s” life is so much better.

Thank you!


Ahwatukee, AZ


Thanks Doug for continuing to dig for this information! My life continues to change for the better. Gracias!


Agua Prieta, MX


Thank you Dr. Payne

For sharing your and Roma’s

experience travelling among the Massai people of Africa. I was intrigued to know they are Ketogenic in their culture. Tall, thin and healthy, living the traditional village life.


Billings, MT


Let me begin by saying I had no idea lettuce was a carb!!! But after your educational seminar I now know about carbs, protein and fat. I started the diet immediately and will report my progress.


Phoenix, AZ


July 2019

Yep, I am working with my father who has MS with an anti-inflammatory diet as low carb as possible. Off 8 of his prescriptions so far. Down to 4...the goal is zero.
He is no longer bloated and has regulated his blood pressure. The nurses and docs are amazed

60 pounds of bloat... gone.


Cochise, AZ 

Hello Dr. Payne & Roma, 

My journey starts with a phone conversation with my cousin KJ, a patient of yours. We talked for over an hour about KETO and how its helping both her and her husband. I was truly interested so I attended your seminar in Sierra Vista last Saturday. I was totally blown away. I purchased your book and Roma’s cookbook and haven’t put them down since. I’m in the process of Kitchen Rehab, and trying to convince my family that I haven’t totally lost my mind. My husband is on board because we have spent the past year dealing with his prostate cancer. He had surgery and so far is cancer free. We have 2 sons, 20 and 13 yrs. old. I have started us all on KETO. We are on our 3rd day and so far so good.

Thank You 


Dear Dr. Payne,

It is with a grateful heart and deep respect that I write to you briefly. I would like to thank you and your wife for all your time and energy you devote to helping others. You are to be highly commended. I am truly indebted to you for your generosity in 

freely sharing such vital information 

with so many. 

A brief update: 

My daughter who was diagnosed as schizoaffective bipolar has been off medication since April 2017 and in full Ketosis since July. I have seen marked improvements. Her Psychiatrist agreed to give Ketogenic diet a chance and will assess her condition in November. If remission of negative symptoms occurs, her Psychiatrist may consider

my daughter for a case study. 

My husband has a confirmed diagnosis of T2 Renal Carcinoma. He has also been in full Ketosis since July. Interestingly but not surprising, his mood disorder has improved and he has lost 10 pounds so far. 

My other two children are also in full Ketosis and doing quite well. 

As for myself I am absolutely loving the Ketogenic lifestyle and have lost 20 pounds and counting. I have marked increase in energy and mental clarity. I am no longer behind the eight ball of Type 3 Diabetes.

As a citizen scientist, I have found my new passion in learning as much as I can about the Ketogenic lifestyle as metabolic therapy and the biochemistry involved. I truly appreciate your patience and kindness you have shown me and my family. 

Once again, I wish you and your family the best of health and look forward to future when "No resident will say: 'I am sick'". (Isaiah 33:24)

Kind regards, 


Casa Grande, AZ


Hello Dr. Payne,

I have been following you on FaceBook for sometime and really appreciate all the scientific articles you post. 

I attended your seminar at my doctor’s office in Tucson to learn more about the dangers of taking acid reflux medicines for long periods of time. Your presentation was great and you answered all my questions. I started the diet and in less than a week I was completely off of Tagamet and

no more heartburn. 

I hope more people can hear of your lifesaving work.


Oro Valley, AZ


Since Starting the KETO Diet in January 2017 I have lost 70 lbs. No more high blood pressure pills, cut my insulin down 80-90% and my A1c is now 5.3 which is better than most non-diabetics! As you know, I have had severe heart disease and was very happy with my last heart test results. My ejection fraction improved from 25% to 40%. Simply amazing! I will never stop the KETO diet. It is not a diet but a way to live!


Sunizona, AZ


Hi Dr. Payne,

I wanted you to know that since going KETO I have lost 35 pounds in 60 days, stabilized my blood sugar and have a lot less pain in my muscles and joints. As you know I am an RN and I can tell you my eyes have been opened to the possibility of real improvement in our health just by eating properly. I am starting to recommend the diet to my patients. I appreciate your help.


Colorado Springs, CO


Hello Dr. Payne,

I wanted to update you on my family’s progress. I am happy to say we are all doing great!  Weights are normal, no further health issues and we love the KETO recipes that Roma has provided. A side note, my daughters have become the ‘food police’ pointing out any foods that are not KETO approved.

We love this lifestyle.

Thank you.


Arlington, VA

Dr. Doug,

Thank you again for all you do for people interested in better health. I am certain you have been considered a God-send by many; as I know that is true for me!  I am truly anxious to read your work and to have a cookbook in accord with what you 'preach'. I can count on the info being trustworthy, researched and appropriate!!! 

My sincerest THANKS.

Blessings to you both for your mentoring love for humanity!

I am periodically in this community here in Benson about 6 months out of the year and many, many people know of The Paynes!  May your dedication to this type of help never wane and may you both be richly rewarded.

Also, thank you for the verbal help, support and encouragement you gave me on the phone today in the interpretation of my "numbers" from my blood work. 


Benson, AZ


Hi Dr. Payne, Well it begins, I am now in medical school. It is very interesting to see how open my fellow students are to the Ketogenic Diet. I sense their may be a change for the better among these doctors to be, concerning diet and health. I really enjoy your newsletters and share the information with my friends, Thank you for getting me started years ago as your patient. I will carry KETO principles into my medical practice.


Tampa, FL


Dear Dr & Mrs Payne,

Thank you so much for your time and knowledge you shared with our group recently. I have spent my life on a roller coaster with my weight. I’ve been following your book and its suggestions for 3 weeks and I can say I’m experiencing so many good things; weight loss, no cravings, losing cellulite, increased energy and I totally feel amazing!

I believe I have finally found a lifestyle

I can live with from now on! Thank you!


Willcox, AZ


I have lost over

50 lbs!  My A1c is down to 5.3,

no longer diabetic! 

My doctor is very happy. 

Thank you so much!


Tucson, AZ



25 days of traveling and stay in ketosis, and no insulin

Lost 9lbs!!! I was really worried, I might have gained weight. I weighed this morning and I honestly was shocked. It was kinda hard to pass up pie and homemade treats, as I visited friends & family. I also ate NO Wedding Cake! But the desire to be healthy and well, kept me strong. We ate out in lots of restaurants, salmon and veggies were my go to... If I can do this so can you.  I carried my pink salt, lemon, tuna, avocado and Beef Jerky with me.  

I've lost 60+ lbs in 5 months

AND am off insulin!!!

I am amazed and shocked!!! 

Thank you Roma & Dr Payne for all of this wonderful education.


Pearce, AZ



Michelle's Family

Just wanted to share the visible/physical difference since our KETO journey as a family began. However, it’s the nonphysical difference that are the biggest blessings. 

For example:  My husband’s arthritis pain is gone, and he’s got a lot more energy. My  PCOS and hypothyroidism symptoms are nonexistent, and my cognitive recognition is better than its ever been, and my moods are much more stabilized. 

My daughter  had a cyst on her thyroid causing her constant tightness in her throat and it has subsided, her complexion has cleared up  and she’s got much more energy


My youngest  was born with some brain damage due to a traumatic pregnancy and delivery, which left him with sensory processing disorder, oppositional defiance disorder, OCD, ADHD, developmental delays, learning disorders, etc. 

And out of all of us combined he has improved the most. 

He’s a whole new kid entirely!!! 

My oldest son  has sensory processing disorder which causes a slew of issues, most of which for him are emotional, and learning delays all of which have improved tremendously. 

I am so thankful that the Ketogenic Therapeutic Diet  was introduced to my family, so that we can live the healthy life that God intended for us!

God Bless, and KETO on!



A year-and-a-half ago my life was in shambles. My health was horrible and failing fast.  I weighed in at 158 lb the heaviest I've been in years. I was depressed, I couldn't remember the simplest of things, everyday tasks, and I felt completely and utterly hopeless. I felt with this disease there was no hope. I never gave up, I kept fighting, as I will always do. I knew there was something wrong with the food I was eating I just didn't know what. 

Thank you  Dr. Douglas Payne for helping me to learn about human biochemistry!  I learned there was hope. I have never been so grateful for anything in my life. I was on eight different medications, one for each symptom I gained from my disease. I am pleased to say that a year-and-a-half later I am down 25 lbs and the lightest I have weighed in 12 years. 

More importantly though,  I'm down seven of those eight medications. I'm practically in tears as I write this because I just wanted my health to get better.

As I was driving right now I was thinking about the fact that sometimes God does things for us to wake us up. That horrible MS attack I had a year-and-a-half ago was quite the wake-up call. I decided I would go back to school and I would pursue my career in psychology. That was partly due to the fact that MS has no prognosis there is no way of knowing if I will be the one that's in the wheelchair or not nor when it could happen. I refuse to let my disease win. I've always said the day I stop doing the things I love to do is the day my disease wins and I might as well just lay down and die. 

Thank you so much to all that have helped me on this journey as I now have HOPE!   I no longer think about being the one with that will end up in the wheelchair. I know if I continue this journey for a lifelong journey I will not be the one in the wheelchair.  

I just had to share this there is always,  always HOPE! 

God bless and I hope you all have a great day!