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WAKE UP CALL ~ April 20 - 24, 2020


Monday ~ April 20, 2020

Hello to all,
Our newsletter today is a WAKE UP CALL !

What have we learned thus far about the Covid 19 (corona virus)
pandemic and other pathogens that we must contend with every day of our lives ?
It is the fact that to best avoid symptoms and possible death from pathogenic infection we must have a tip top highly efficient and responsive immune system.

It has been made clear to the nation and world now that if our immune systems are compromised due to underlying metabolic disease we are at risk. The NIH, CDC, AMA, ADA, AHA, AKF, FDA and our personal physicians have clearly informed us that to best avoid serious repercussions from corona virus, seasonal flu, common cold and other viral and bacterial pathogens we must keep our immune system in perfect shape. 

Our degree of immunity is the key to staying healthy and alive.

We all know that prevention is much better than treatment. That, sadly, has been brought to the fore as the primary cause of lethality from corona. 

There is no current effective treatment !
Those at greatest risk of harm are contending with obesity , diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease and autoimmune diseases of all sorts. These disease processes compromise the immune system that affords us less protection (prevention) every day that we remain in these conditions.

It is not arguable, we simply must correct our underlying health if we want to effectively resist future infections and there surely will be more new strains of virus and other infectious agents that will invade our bodies in the months and years ahead.

What to do ?  Reverse or cure the above mentioned diseases, only 1 in 8 Americans are free from these diseases. Look around you, we all know that overweight, diabetes, heart disease and other conditions abound. You can change that. You must do that if you want to live a stress free healthy life.

It is a proven fact, for decades now, that metabolic disease is curable in most cases by simply making correct lifestyle and dietary choices on a daily basis. We stand ready to help you inform yourself with accurate scientific information. Do not put it off any longer , do not minimize the effect of your daily diet choices, do not put yourself at further risk. 

This is your WAKE UP CALL.

Please go to the BOOK tab to order our latest textbook that clearly and simply outlines the correct biochemistry and practical steps you need to take to improve your health and strengthen your immune system.  

We will be resuming our free community workshops in the future. But do not wait till then to learn. Do it now to protect your self and your family.

All the best,
Dr Payne

Tuesday ~ April 21, 2020

Hello to all,
Our newsletter today is the second in a series of five daily newsletters I am 

writing this week.

The nation and the world has had a staggering wake up call about our susceptibility to disease. This world event has not been experienced in any of our lifetimes. It has had an enormous effect on many parts of our lives and our livelihoods.

Do not get lost in the scramble. What we can actually accomplish is to defend ourselves and our families from the many complexities of this cataclysmic event.

How do we do that? By realizing that our susceptibility to the corona virus and other pathogens that we contend with daily was sown in the past, for some of us many years ago, as we were not aware that daily life choices sets us up for success or failure when it comes to a properly functioning immune system and good health.

Recently, at a workshop at Buena High School in Sierra Vista, Arizona I asked our audience what is the most dread disease process that they feared. The answers were many, from cancer to heart disease to diabetes to Alzheimer's and more (one wiseacre said marriage LOL) It had escaped the notice of our class that these outcomes were simply the symptoms of disturbed human biochemistry and deranged epigenetics

Who knew?

The factual answer is that these diseases manifest themselves after we start down the the road of excess weight gain and pre~diabetes.

Yes, the simple and seemingly innocuous process of gaining excess weight leads to prediabetes and then to diabetes and all the while this process is silently harming many body processes and our immune systems that eventually leads to metabolic diseases of all sorts. It is that simple, actual factual science.
To be sure, weight gain and higher than normal blood glucose is the sign that one is embarking on a dangerous path. They are both one in the same processes and occur simultaneously.

Are you correct weight, with fasting blood glucose between 76 and 85 mg/dl, an HgbA1c between 4.6 and 5.2 and a CRP-hs inflammation blood test of less than 1? 

If so, you are defending your very foundation of good health.

If not, this is your wake up call to do something about your ill health. Protect yourself. 

No one can do it but you. It is not hard and costs no more and often less and than your current food and lifestyle costs.

To obtain the facts and simple explanations of how to accomplish this please order our book, Understanding the Properly Formulated Ketogenic Therapeutic Diet 

from the BOOKS tab.

We stand ready to help you to help yourself by gaining accurate knowledge that can save your life.

Until tomorrow and all the best,

Dr Payne

Wednesday ~ April 22, 2020


Hello to all,
Our newsletter today is the third in a series of five that will appear this week. These posts are in response to an overwhelming inquiry we have received from all over the country by folks who want an easy to understand explanation of the corona virus(s).

The main question being asked is how to prevent infection and what changes can we make in our lives to prevent further infection from this pathogen and others that are headed our way in the future. As always, they are coming. We need a plan that we can stick to and that is effective.

So today we enter the world of Epigenetics.  What is that?
Epigenetics is the part of our genetic code that responds to environmental changes both inside and outside our bodies.
If we cannot respond to these minute by minute challenges we simply could not exist.

Epigenetics is by far the hottest area of scientific investigation in the world today. For several years now many labs and universities around the world have been learning 

how our bodies respond to our environment to include attack from pathogens, poor food choices, lack of correct exercise, poor hygienic habits, radiation exposure, heavy metal toxicity, and pollutants of all sorts. We simply must have protection from these attacks to survive because they often cannot be avoided. Viruses and bacteria are good examples of how easy it is to be infected and the devastating consequences that can occur without protection.

How does the Epigenetic system function to protect us?
This system turns on and turns off certain genes in our DNA code at certain times 

(like light switches) to turn on or off our immune system. 

Without properly regulated immunity we are dead.

When an immunity gene is turned on to protect us from a pathogen (corona for instance) a signal is sent from the gene to a variety of cells to produce specific chemicals and defense cells that affords us protection by killing the pathogen.

How is the pathogen killed? By inflammation. Inflammation is the process and only process whereby the body can repair tissue damage from whatever source, viral or otherwise. Inflammation is lifesaving, it is THE tool of the immune system. A problem can occur however when this inflammation runs amok, without control. That can be extremely damaging and even fatal.


Epigenetics modulates the immune system. But when our genes are turned off or on inappropriately we suffer. We now clearly know that our daily eating and other lifestyle choices are the primary director of gene expression (on or off). 

This is how the system works in your body ...


When we make proper food choices the molecules derived from these foods drive our biochemistry (how all molecules in the body work together for our benefit) and your biochemistry drives your epigenetics to turn genes on or off at the precise 

correct time.

Think about it, our daily habit choices via our biochemistry actually changes our genetic expression. We can reverse engineer our genetics to our benefit, AMAZING ! Genes are flexible vibrant, ever changing molecular structures that will and do respond to our ever changing environment. Preserving our healthy lives.

I highly recommend the book by David Sinclair and his lab at Harvard entitled HEALTHSPAN . An easy to understand explanation of how you can control epigenetic expression and change and even pass on to future generations in your family these genetic modifications. 

What to do? Control inflammation, control and edify your immune system , improve your biochemistry by proper dietary choices that become who you are and improve your genetic expression.

Do not be a victim, be a proactive protector of your health both now and into the future.

Until tomorrow and all the  best,
Dr Payne

Thursday ~ April 23, 2020

 Hello to all,

Our newsletter today is the 4th of 5 that will help us all to focus on our very best way forward to prevent serious complications from infection by improving our immune systems and keeping them in tip top shape throughout our lives.

 We have learned in the 3 previous newsletters that our health depends on being free of metabolic disease ( diseases of disturbed human biochemistry). 

Why is this reality so important ?
Because underlying disease from being overweight to having pre~diabetes or diabetes to heart disease and cancer (among many others) compromises and weakens our immune system's response to any and all infectious pathogenic agents    ( corona viruses are the current best example). 


When our immune system is weak it lacks the capacity to respond to infection from even simple viral infections such as seasonal flu and the common cold. These annual waves of infection do kill many of us every year.  We can dramatically reduce the yearly death rates not only from corona but also from the seasonal flu (which we know is coming again) by paying strict attention to what ails us from year to year.  Reversing these diseases is the ultimate preventative health protocol that simply must be employed if we are to live healthy lives with strong immunity against future pathogenic outbreaks.

What are these diseases that compromise our immune system?
We list the most prolific ones in order of their significance in this country. We also list the objective lab values that you can rely upon to assess your health. 


1) Being overweight or obese. The number one metabolic disease problem in the USA. 70% of the population is now overweight, shocking!  Never seen before in human history. We are not fat shaming by calling out this extremely serious problem that compromises your immunity.  Big is not beautiful it is a disease state. It in time will kill millions.  Do not be fooled, even being 10 pounds over weight can harm you.
Lab Value - look in the mirror, one should see a flat belly, abdominal fat is universally known to drive many disease states.

 2) Pre~diabetes or diabetes. Chronic high blood sugar levels drive virtually all metabolic disease. They cause major hormonal disturbance, inflammation, heart disease, autoimmune disease, Alzheimer's, kidney disease, nerve damage, cancer and others.  Diabetes can be reversed and has a very high cure rate according to the new position of the American Diabetes Association by "utilizing a low carbohydrate or very low carbohydrate diet" to quote them.  The Properly Formulated Ketogenic Diet is the premier application of low carb eating.
Lab Value - Fasting blood glucose test from 76-85 mg/dl  Hgb A1c - 4.6 - 5.2 

 3) Inflammation. Chronic, body wide, out of control inflammation is our mortal enemy. Inflammation is required for healing but in excess it damages our bodies.  We must control inflammation by preventing it in the first place and treating it clinically if necessary  Poor daily lifestyle choices to include diet and exposure to all sorts of pathogens and other toxic substances cause inflammation.  As a nation we simply do not understand the danger of being inflamed and the very poor and scientifically incorrect eating habits promoted by many are to blame for the bulk of the problem.
Lab Value - CRP-hs - less than 1.0 


Protect your immune system, strengthen it, improve your state of metabolism to best defend yourself from infection. Reliance on pharmaceutical cure without effective prevention in the first place is a fool's errand as the nation is finding out now in the most harsh terms.

Tomorrow we will outline, step by step, how to accomplish all the above.

Until then all the best,
Dr Payne

Friday ~ April 24, 2020

Hello to all,
Our newsletter today is the final installment of our 5 part series on how to respond in the face of the corona virus outbreak and how to prepare for the next attack of new pathogens that are always on the horizon.

-What have we learned so far?
Those most at risk for becoming seriously ill from corona are those that have underlying diseases. The most prevalent are obesity and diabetes.  Lung, kidney and heart disease as well. The elderly are most at risk.


-Why is this true?
These disease processes weaken the immune system and make one's ability to respond and destroy invading pathogens less effective.

-What is the key to protecting your health ?
Strengthening the immune system and keeping it strong throughout life.

So, what is the best way to strengthen ones immune system?
By living everyday in harmony with your actual biochemistry and genetics. This requires us to learn about those systems, how they function and how they are built. This is each individual's responsibility. Find out how your body works and live in harmony with that reality. As a nation we can no longer afford to ignore scientific facts and pursue fanciful ideas that are not rooted in truth. 

What should we be laser focused on to begin this journey to regain our health and reverse any metabolic disease we may now have ?
We begin with the very foundation of our of our physiology.
Being correct weight and having correct blood sugar levels.
If we are not there now the very first thing we must do is correct those conditions

In so doing, we rapidly reduce inflammation which is the hallmark sign of an immune system that is stressed and not functioning at peak efficiency. 

It is all about the immune system. 

-So how do we do that?
By living in harmony with the biochemical process known as De Novo Lipogenesis. This protective process converts excess blood sugar into belly fat to save us from the damaging effects of high blood sugar ( which we all know is extremely harmful to humans).  When we eat properly, blood sugar levels are normal, belly fat does not accumulate or is lost if that fat now exists.
So, in this one process and all at the same time, blood sugar is normalized, weight becomes correct, inflammation is reduced and the immune system is improved. This often appears magical to those who have experienced these changes but it is not magic.  It is hard foundational scientific truth, it is how our bodies actually function. 

It will work for you and your health will be improved. Virtually every time .


How do we stimulate de novo lipogenesis to work for us and not against us?
By making proper food choices in our daily diet habit.

To include .......

1) Correct amount of carbohydrate daily.  Correct for the individual's personal needs. For most of the nation's population this means less carbs daily.  Especially grains (very high sugar food), processed foods, sugar, sodas and dense carbs that have too much sugar after digestion that overwhelms the system.
Compared to the Standard American Diet (SAD diet) this would be a low carb or very low carb eating habit.


2) Correct amount of protein daily.  Your muscles, enzymes, hormones, signalling agents and all structures in the body function on the back of protein. Human life is not possible without protein. One must select the amount of protein consumed daily based on sex, age, height and activity.

3) Correct fats (lipids) daily.  Fats are the universal basis for life.  Fats resist the eroding effect of water in our bodies and in our surrounding environment.  Every cell membrane that defines who you are is made of 4 types of fat, cholesterol and protein. If not, you would melt when you take a shower!  The low fat diet first postulated and foisted upon the American public (without any scientific basis) in the early 1960's is the worst piece of dietary advice in human history.  It has directly led to the 70% obesity and 53% diabetes rate in this country today.


Shameful.  Do not be afraid of fat it must be consumed daily because it cannot be manufactured in the body to build and repair cells.

That's it, simple.  Are you up to the challenge to assume responsibility for your own health?  Do you have the necessary conviction and dedication to make necessary changes in your life to protect your health?  If so we stand ready to help you with the information that you need.


Our 35 years of experience teaching science to thousands of physicians and patients is encapsulated in the 9th edition of our easy to understand "how to" book entitled UNDERSTANDING THE PROPERLY FORMULATED KETOGENIC THERAPEUTIC DIET.
It is available to you on the BOOKS section of this website.

One final thought. It has often been said that at the most tragic and challenging times of our lives... hope and a better way forward become apparent.  It is our fervent hope that amid the current pandemic you can see your way forward to better health , happiness and prosperity.

All the best as you contemplate your future,
Dr Payne


July 2, 2019

Military and the KETO Diet…/defense-department-to-ban-…/

Hello to all,
Our newsletter today is hopeful and revealing. Pioneering research has been done by Jeff Volek at Ohio State and Dominic D'Agostino at University of South Florida who  have studied the keto diet among a population of Navy Seal Divers and ROTC students. Because of the very positive outcomes in these studies the Department of Defense is strongly considering a properly formulated Keto Diet as the base nutritional plan for the military.

Lisa Sanders, director of science and technology at U.S. Special Operations Command reported on the Ohio State research that recommends the switch to a well formulated  KETO diet to replace the Standard American Diet which is loaded in poor nutrition, poor carbohydrate choices and insufficient healthy fats.

What is driving the interest in Keto?  Increasing obesity as a potential threat to national readiness.

For those of you who are living in harmony with keto principles you know from your personal results that excess weight is easily lost, energy goes up and aches and pains begin disappearing.
The same results were noted in Navy Seal Divers and ROTC students WITHOUT negative side effects. We can only hope that science holds sway in the future as the nutritional health of the military is at stake.

If you too want  to be like a Navy Seal Diver please attend our next free workshop on July 13 at The International Wildlife Museum in Tucson. We will discuss the exact eating plan that has been discussed above.

All the best,
Dr Payne


Breaking World News !!!

The American Diabetes Association (ADA)  now says two earth changing statements for the first time ever!


1.   Reducing dietary carbohydrate intake has demonstrated the 

best evidence for improving glycemic (blood sugar) control.

2.   Low to very low carbohydrate eating plans are a viable 

approach. Especially in Type 2 diabetics where reducing diabetes  

medications is a priority.


Aseem Malhotra, MD ~ Cardiologist ~  April 24, 2019 at 9:23 PM


‪The American Diabetes Association has reached a consensus recommendation that for those with Prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes ‬(1 in 3 Americans) low carb is the best option for improving glucose control. As many of you know despite many attacks I along with many inspirational people have advocated and campaigned to get this evidence out since 2013 through a multitude of medical journal articles and newspapers including mainstream media in the US and even gave a talk in the European Parliament last year and the British Parliament several weeks ago. There are many heroes in this space not least Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholz and Prof Tim Noakes but in recent times the one person who really inspired me with the science and 

I’ve cited his work many times is biochemist Richard David Feinman! 

Now the real challenge is to ensure the science is being translated into clinical practice so ALL patients with Type 2 or Prediabetes can benefit.

Douglas Payne ~ April 25, 2019

I think this announcement was made, due in part, to a major law suit that awarded a diabetic plaintiff perhaps the biggest settlement against the ADA in history. Now affirmed by the Supreme Court in 2018. the case known as Banting vs ADA was lost by the ADA as they were found negligent as an organization for not informing Banting that he had the option of a low carb diet as a viable therapy for his Type 2 diabetes. 

As a result of complications of diabetes this young man lost his foot to surgery. 

The shocking development in this case was that the young man completely cured the diabetes after his foot was amputated by finding a physician who recommended a low carb diet that completely restored his health, but of course missing a foot. The court held, as it has many times in the past, that physicians have the duty to inform the patient of all treatment options available to them. To avoid a future malpractice claim all physicians are now on notice that low carbohydrate dietary habit is viable, 

proven and helpful to many. 

Failure to inform is a serious legal tenet that must be acknowledged.

Clinically, this is not news to the many, many diabetes patients who have already reduced or eliminated their diabetes medications by following a low carb eating habit. The Ketogenic Therapeutic Diet is the premier low carb approach. 

What say those clinicians now, who in a clinical setting, do not at least recommend the option of a low carb diet. If they want to say they are in harmony with ADA guidelines they must divulge this new information to their patients. For those of you who need to have this discussion with your physician 

please take along a copy of this news release to your next visit.

For those clinicians who want to get up to date in their clinical skills I highly recommend the biochemistry book "The World Turned Upside Down" 

by Professor Richard David Feinman Ph.D.

For those working in the diabetes field, whether physician or dietician there is no longer any where to hide. The ADA and the National Food Guidelines are 

changed and will continue to change moving forward.


Weight Watchers Is Getting Crushed By KETO

March 1, 2019

Hello to all,

Our newsletter today is eye-opening. The headline is self-explanatory. Those of you who have adopted KETO principles in your life know from first hand experience that the "recommended diets" of the last 40 years that dogmatically pounded low calorie, low fat and high carb high exercise have been an utter failure. The entire food pyramid approach to weight control and better health was never based on actual science but rather on unscientific marketing that resulted in a 70% overweight/obesity rate and a 40% prediabetes/diabetes rate nationally. 

Utter corruption, greed and hucksterism. A national disgrace. 

KETO principles are succeeding world wide because they work.

We see all around us our neighbors, friends, family and workmates regaining their health when they eat and live in harmony with their actual genetics and biochemistry. We see it with our own eyes as we observe others. 

It is a true grassroots success. 

Will Weight Watchers do the scientifically honest thing and admit failure in the light of national obesity statistics. Apparently not,

their CEO said "they were not going to change their strategy" and "we know we are the program that works"

Furthering, of course, profit and corruption and harm to many people. 

It is my personal belief that Oprah has "gone KETO" by switching from her famous saying "I love bread" 

to eating plenty of KETO-friendly crow.

All the best,

Dr Payne


The Inuit Eskimo People, historic photos

February 20, 2019


What we know........

Lived for 10,000 years with virtually no carbohydrate in their diet. Lived on an average 80% fat diet.

Lived to very old ages without significant metabolic diseases that plague modern man.

Virtually no coronary vessel disease upon autopsy in the early 1950's.

These photos of beautiful, healthy, thin, intelligent and tough people were taken before the Canada Food Guide tried to "save them". The food guide ( in the USA known as the food pyramid high carb low fat diet introduced in 1971) has turned out to be devastating for the Inuit culture as evidenced by their current state of poor metabolic health, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. 

The ultimate description of a strongly ketogenic culture is contained in close observation of these photos.

~ What do you see as you view the photographs ?

~ Have you been harmed by the food pyramid ?

All the best,

Dr Payne



February 2, 2019

Hello to all.
Our newsletter today is in regard to the following post from Helen Barnard from one year ago. Thanks Helen for your kind thoughts about our book "Understanding the Ketogenic Therapeutic Diet". We intended to make the book the easiest to understand of any "keto book" ever written. Based on our feedback over the years from professionals and the public alike we believe that we have achieved that goal. The format and writing style of the book is by far the most unique in the keto world.

We have now just published the 8th edition of the book. 

Although the basic biochemistry of human nutrition has not changed nor will ever change, the underlying understanding of our readers has expanded greatly. Our audience is now much more sophisticated than in years gone by due to the explosion of world wide interest in keto principles

We have now included a much deeper understanding of inflammation, cell wall structure, advanced understanding of the role of cholesterol and saturated fat in our diet and physiology. National governing bodies and major universities are drastically changing their view and acceptance of a lower carb higher fat diet as critical to our health.

All the best to you as you continue your quest to obtain the best possible understanding of what is required to achieve good health.

Dr Payne

January 31, 2018

"Your new book, Understanding the Ketogenic Therapeutic Diet, is amazing!
Both the beautiful artwork and the way the information is presented, 

make the information just pop off the pages!
Thank you so much for all you do to continue researching 

and to continue teaching all of us to make us all healthier!"

Helen Barnard

Cochise, AZ