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About Us


Dr Douglas Payne

Dr. Douglas Payne has provided a public health education clinic in Cochise County, Arizona for the past 14 years. He has over 35 years experience utilizing the science of Biochemistry to correctly formulate the best scientific, nutritional eating habits.  As the past National Director of Physician Training and Chief Science Officer for Health Form Corporation.  He has educated over 30,000 doctors and patients. 


Through seminars and consultations Dr. Payne is now assisting groups of physicians, diabetologists, hospitalists, diabetes educators, physical trainers, scientists, researchers and hospital coordinators. The purpose is to provide education in the field of disease prevention using correct human nutrition. 

Roma Payne

Roma Payne brings her creativity to your table! Inspired by the amazing health progress of many patients, she wanted to incorporate  all the scientific principles they were learning into well formulated, tasty recipes that could be utilized to support their health journey.

First step?  Learn the scientific basis of proper food choices. 

Secondly, develop recipes that are nutritionally sound. 

These recipes are the result of years of research, trial and experience. She hopes you will enjoy and benefit from her recipes, tweak them to your liking and create your own recipes for a healthy, happy, TASTY  future for yourself and your family.


Our Home & Clinic Location





Cochise Stronghold Ranch, rich in history, nature and a true sense of calm. 

Favorite home of Apache Chief Cochise is located in the Dragoon Mountains in southeastern Arizona.  Abundant wildlife, including Coues and Mule Deer, Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Javelina, Foxes, Black Bear, Ringtail Cat among many others.  A birders paradise with over 100 species of birds seen regularly on the ranch.

The ranch history spans 1000's of years, from  the ancient Hunter-Gatherer Culture, then the Mogollon (mug-ee-yon) People and on to the Chiricahua Apaches. Historically famous for the Apache Wars, Cowboy Life and Cattle Ranching. 

We very much enjoy sharing the unique archaeology, birds and animal life that exists here and how the natural habitat of the ranch is being preserved and conserved.