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Properly Formulated Ketogenic Therapeutic workshops are provided by Dr. Douglas Payne. Focusing on the Biochemistry and Physiology of Human Nutrition.  

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Ketosis education

At The Ketogenic Therapeutic Workshop

You will learn….

·   How to never make another harmful food choice.

·   How to prevent and reverse many Metabolic Diseases.

·   Why the biological process of gaining excess weight is the 

    very foundation of  many  Metabolic Diseases.

·   Why the Ketogenic Therapeutic Diet is utilized by most     

    major hospitals worldwide, including Phoenix Children's

    Hospital to treat Metabolic Disease.  Many Neurologists, 

    Cardiologists, Diabetologists, Bariatric Physicians and 

    Family Physicians are now utilizing the 


·   We will thoroughly explain the actual science of human 

    nutrition that is covered in Dr. Payne's book  

    'Understanding the Properly Formulated  Ketogenic 

     Therapeutic Diet'.  

·   You will be able to apply these principles in your life 


·   We invite you to take this opportunity to learn how to    

    achieve the health you have long been searching for!


KETO Centered Recipes


Improve your health, slim down and

watch your energy soar!

Improve not only YOUR Health

but that of your family and friends as well.

Whether you are a veteran or novice in the kitchen

you will easily find your way to creating healthy

Low Carb, Adequate Protein and Higher Healthy Fat 

meals and snacks.

Learn how to live KETO with well formulated tasty Recipes!

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